Mark's Top Wine Pick Of The Week August 3, 2018 - Cote D' Loma from Karma Vista Vineyards & Winery

Yup, yet another Karma Vista wine!  "Cote D' Loma" named after the location where the grape is grown in Coloma, MI.  This red wine is a little Merlot, a little Noiret.  "Cote" is French for hill.  Their Merlot vineyard on the Ryno Road hill and the Noiret is on Hill Road just south of the winery.  "The Hills of Coloma" is a versatile everyday wine.  Chill slightly for a great summertime red with lunch or dinner.  Lots of cherry notes from the Merlot with a little black pepper from the Noiret.


This wine is probably the closest you'll get to a similar "Cote D'" any place in France.  The versatility of this wine will make it go very well with almost any meal.  I love this wine and it is a great new addition to Karma Vista's wine selection.  At $16 a bottle it surely peaks the appeal of budget conscious wine drinkers.


You can order this wine from the winery or visit the tasting room in person to experience the beautiful vineyard, amazing wine and the wonderful staff!  I love talking grape growing with the owners there because they teach me things that I didn't even know.  It's well worth a visit!  Tell them that I sent you, they should know me by now.  I am only there about 4 times a year.  We absolutely recommend Karma Vista Vineyards & Winery to anyone.  It is so easy to get to from I-94, right off of the exit take a right onto Ryno Road and go up the hill.  Make a day of it there are so many different wineries in the area so you can taste all day if you want.


Let me know what you think about "Cote D' Loma."  A delicious red for any occasion.

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