Michigan Wine Guy was created to help regular wine drinkers understand the culture, importance, heritage and quality of Michigan wine.  We feature a different vineyard, winery, cider mill or fruit farm each week.  Along with Mark's top wine pick of the week.

Why Michigan Wine?
As a young man in college I was turned onto Michigan wine by an older student in the Geology Department.  On a glacial history expedition along the Lake Michigan shoreline I learned that the climate, landscape and soil left behind was unique and prime for growing grapes and other types of fruit.  Many of our geologic formations had vineyards growing on them and where there's a vineyard there is usually a tasting room.  After a long day of driving up and down dunes, eskers, drumlins, through outwash plains and searching for massive drop stones a nice glass of Michigan wine puts the icing on the cake.  Ever since I've made it my mission to know everything I can about Michigan wine and what makes it so good.

You can always find a Michigan wine for your pallet, whether you enjoy deep full-bodied reds, light-bodied whites, sweet peach wine, or an award winning riesling.  Dry, semi-dry, semi-sweet, sweet or sweeter, whatever your taste there'll be a wine for you.

Wine is best when shared with others.


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