Blue Heron: A Versatile White Table Wine from St. Julian Winery

Blue Heron

Blue Heron is one of those wines that is perfect for any occasion at any time of year.

Trying this wine can bring the taste of Michigan's premiere white grapes into one grand blend. The blend is Seyval Blanc, Vidal Blanc, Cayuga and Riesling to showcase the grapes that grow best in Michigan's climate.

My tasting experience with this wine was a great one. After the first sip I knew this wine could go with practically anything and any occasion. According to the bottle the tasting notes are, "A delicious wine with aromas of peach and melon followed by citrus and mango flavors."

You may say that this wine is only for the warm and hot days of summer, but it can fit in perfectly in any setting. Always served chilled. If you are feeling creative it makes a really good sangria.

The great news about this wine is you can find it in your local stores and wine shops. Just look for the blue heron on the bottle, or the widely-known St. Julian Winery name.

If you are unable to find Blue Heron in stores you can always order this wonderful white from the St. Julian Winery website. They ship to most states. Also at the new low price of $6.74, it's a no brainer, you can afford to get 3 for the price you'll pay for just one similar white blend at other wineries.

Whether you are on the boat, having a picnic at the beach, celebrating the many holidays with family and friends, or just enjoying it while watching Netflix, we don't judge, just as long as you enjoy it! Of course, always please drink responsibly.


Sparkling Demi-Sec from Tabor Hill

This Sparkling Demi-Sec is a great rendition, because it takes a usually sweeter type of wine and when you add the bubbles it transforms the taste into a more semi-sweet complexion.

Here is the description off of the Tabor Hill Winery website, "We’ve taken our best selling wine and added some fun – aka bubbles! Both sweet and dry wine drinkers love this complex white sparkling wine. This wine is fruity with aromas of apple, pear and citrus. It’s the perfect balance of sweetness. This new addition to Tabor Hill will be sure to please those who have loved the Demi-Sec for years. Make any day a celebration with the NEW sparkling Demi-Sec!"

This description couldn't be more true! I personally love dry wines, but this has a great flavor profile that made me enjoy it! My wife and I had this wine to celebrate me successfully completing my training examination!

Tabor Hill Winery is located in Southwest Michigan, more specifically in Buchanan. Every time I am out that way it seems to be the day that they are closed, but I hope to be able to visit them soon.

If you are curious about getting this delicious Sparkling Dami-Sec or any of their other wines, they offer the ability to order their wine on their website. You can also find select wine from Tabor Hill Winery in your local grocery store or wine shop. If they don't have what you are looking for some places are really good about ordering the wine for you.

This wine is best served chilled! A perfect Memorial Weekend, summer or any celebration wine! Because celebrations are better with bubbles!

As always, please drink responsibly!

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2015 Marsanne from Domaine Berrien Cellars

This wine was purchased in 2018, we did not have it until March 2019 and the aging showed on this 2015 vintage. It was very delicious, however, we did not have it with the recommended pairings of lobster, shellfish or BBQ pork chops.

Some background on Marsanne: Marsanne is originally from the Rhone River Valley in France. It makes a full-bodied dry white wine that is loaded with intense, mouth-filling fruit flavors. While drinking this wine I suggest chilling to bring out a crisp finish.

I am not certain if you can still purchase this vintage but the years ahead have produced some great vintages as well, with the Lake Michigan Shore climate. It would be worth a call to Domaine Berrien Cellars to inquire about their vintage selections available from 2015. Maybe, you'll be lucky!

Background on Domaine Berrien Cellars, they are located in a favorable part of the Lake Michigan Shore Viticultural Area, their vineyard is situated on one of the highest elevations in Berrien County. The elevation and the prevailing breezes from nearby Lake Michigan make it a relatively frost-free site for three seasons. The large body of water moderates their climate, which allows them to ripen many different grape varietals. The sandy gravel loam soils are among the best for horticulture, helping them produce high-quality red and white wine. (From the bottle).

If you are out and about in Southwest, Michigan and tasting at their winery, you'll find Lemon Creek Winery right across the street, and Baroda Founders Cellars near by in downtown Baroda, along with more wineries if you travel a short way down the road. Mention that you read about their wines from my blog so I can continue to grow my partnerships!

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