Blue Heron: A Versatile White Table Wine from St. Julian Winery

Blue Heron

Blue Heron is one of those wines that is perfect for any occasion at any time of year.

Trying this wine can bring the taste of Michigan's premiere white grapes into one grand blend. The blend is Seyval Blanc, Vidal Blanc, Cayuga and Riesling to showcase the grapes that grow best in Michigan's climate.

My tasting experience with this wine was a great one. After the first sip I knew this wine could go with practically anything and any occasion. According to the bottle the tasting notes are, "A delicious wine with aromas of peach and melon followed by citrus and mango flavors."

You may say that this wine is only for the warm and hot days of summer, but it can fit in perfectly in any setting. Always served chilled. If you are feeling creative it makes a really good sangria.

The great news about this wine is you can find it in your local stores and wine shops. Just look for the blue heron on the bottle, or the widely-known St. Julian Winery name.

If you are unable to find Blue Heron in stores you can always order this wonderful white from the St. Julian Winery website. They ship to most states. Also at the new low price of $6.74, it's a no brainer, you can afford to get 3 for the price you'll pay for just one similar white blend at other wineries.

Whether you are on the boat, having a picnic at the beach, celebrating the many holidays with family and friends, or just enjoying it while watching Netflix, we don't judge, just as long as you enjoy it! Of course, always please drink responsibly.

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