Mark's Top Wine Pick of the Week July 27, 2018 - Winter White Bubbly

The "wine in the blue bottle" known as "Winter White" also comes in a Champagne-like style.  The bottle isn't blue, but the wine tastes practically similar just with bubbles.  The "Winter White Bubbly" from Leelanau Cellars is Crisp, fruity, light and bubbly with all of the flavors you love from "Winter White."


While visiting the winery in Northport we found out the only way to get this style of "Winter White" is to purchase it from the winery.  This wine was running low on selection when we visited on July 1.  This winery is quite remote, situated on Suttons Bay and Lake Michigan they make a wide spectrum of world-class wine.  Everything is sourced from their vineyards and they have a wine for anyone.


I haven't tried, but you may be able to order wine they only sell in-house by calling them.  Leelanau Cellars is a very beautiful place to see.  Tastings are fun and informative.  I will be updating the post on Leelanau Cellars for next week.  If you get a chance to visit Northwest Michigan it will totally be worth a visit to this fantastic winery.


In the meantime keep drinking amazing Michigan Wine and if you have any wines you want reviewed please make a comment below!

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