Mark's Top Wine Pick of the Week July 6, 2018 - 2018 National Cherry Festival Wine

This wine is made exclusively for the National Cherry Festival.  Chateau Grand Traverse is the winery that makes this delicious commemorative cherry wine.


For 22 years, Chateau Grand Traverse has been exclusively producing this summertime favorite to celebrate the National Cherry Festival.  This wine is a special blend of Northern Michigan Cherry Wine blended with Riesling and other premium white varietal wines.  Made in a semi-sweet style, it displays fresh and fruity flavors with crisp acidity to match perfectly with most summertime cuisine.


My wife stumbled upon this wine while up north when we first started dating and told me that I had to try it.  Ever since, we started going up north to the cherry festival, we'd always try to get a few bottles for the year.  Me not being the biggest fan of cherry flavored things, this wine has a great balance of cherry and crisp grape varietals and making it a tradition, it is always good to compare from year to year.


You really can't get more Michigan than this wine!  Also, the National Cherry Festival is always a great place to go.  Held in Traverse City on the first week of July each year it draws thousands of people each day with cherry everything, vendors, carnival rides, food trucks, an airshow and much more!  Oh, yeah, did I forget to mention the vineyards and wineries in the area are super close by and tours start right out of downtown Traverse City!


You can order this wine from the Chateau Grand Traverse website, ask your local wine shop to grab some for you or visit the National Cherry Festival.  This wine is in limited production and they can only ship this wine within Michigan so order up before this wine is out of stock until 2019.


I am excited to try this wine with my wife very soon!  You will not be let down by this commemorative vino.

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