Mark's Top Wine Pick of the Week June 29, 2018 - Blueberry Wine - There is a blue wine after all

So you remember when I said they have not yet created a blue wine, my wife reminded me that there is Blueberry Wine!


I haven't had a blueberry wine that I didn't like.


If you are in Michigan or any place where they grow blueberries there is probably a winery that has created Blueberry Wine.  Some places make wine out of 100% blueberries and others use a grape/blueberry combination.  Full flavors of ripe blueberries is indeed what you will taste!  There are additional health benefits from blueberries and wine, so why not combine them!


Next time you visit a Michigan winery, vineyard, fruit farm or tasting room look for Blueberry Wine.  You'll be surprised at the taste.  It is a great alternative flavor that you can indulge in if you are sick of other fruit wine.


Blueberry wine is the quintessential "blue" wine for your Independence Day celebration.  Now you have red, white and blue wine.  So be that American hero at your 4th Of July festivities this year with the entire spectrum of wine.


I didn't choose a specific Blueberry Wine because it is very hard to tell the difference between the 100% blueberry deliciousness.  Now you know there is a "blue" wine!  Have an awesome holiday!

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