Mark's Top Wine Pick of the Week June 22, 2018 - Capriccio from Fenn Valley Vineyards

"Capriccio" from Fenn Valley Vineyards is a delicious aged red wine that I tried at the Lake Michigan Shore Wine Festival.  This wine was my favorite out of all of the wines I tasted that day.  It had the perfect balance and I've actually purchased a bottle of this wine from my local Plum Market store before!


"Capriccio" is a big, soft red wine that shows the right balance between fruitiness and dryness.  If you were to age a red wine this would be the end result, a big jammy berry fruit flavor with a subtle backbone of tannin.  They have designed this wine so you do not have to wait five years to enjoy a great glass of red wine.  Serve this wine with chicken, red meats, or pasta for the best experience.


I did not think that this wine would be good in the hot temperatures at the wine fest, but it hit the spot and pleasantly surprised my palate!  You can order this wine on the Fenn Valley Vineyards website or ask your local wine shop if they can order it for you.  At $12 a bottle, you can get a high quality red wine, compared to an aged red from another region that may cost you $20 or more.


This wine will be a great hit at any special occasion!  So pour yourself a glass and toast to good times and Michigan wine coming in for the win!  Cheers and as always enjoy responsibly.

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