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Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to be in the south of France?  Domaine Berrien Cellars makes you feel like you are there.  We stopped by the vineyard on April 2, 2018, on this day it was pretty cold still and the vines weren't in bloom but we did have a great time.

Vineyards preparing to bloom in less than a month.

We had been traveling for a while and decided to let our dogs out to frolic in the vineyard.  Once they did their business it was time for me to gather some great content for the blog.

Marvin In the vineyard

Domaine Berrien Cellars is located at 398 E. Lemon Creek Rd, Berrien Springs, MI 49103 with the vineyard on site and a big patio for gatherings when it gets warmer.  Pretty much right across the street from Lemon Creek Winery.  We walked up the ramp into the tasting room that had a big bar with some cool gifts and things.  They even sold their old oak barrels.  Next time we may purchase one and put it somewhere cool!

They have tons of delicious wine, mostly french style wines, since they wanted to mimic the Chateaus in France.  We tasted many different wines from dry to sweet.  They had a sweet Traminette that won an award, a Marsanné that tasted like a sparkling wine without the bubbles and one of the first wines produced at the vineyard called "Wolf's Prairie Red," this wine is said to stain concrete.  If you look closely you can see where people have spilled this wine on the patio.


Why don't we take a look at the other wines they have:

Dry White Wine:

2016 Viognier:  A fruit salad in your glass!  Aromas of apricot and cantaloupe.  Refreshing flavors of ripe, juicy peach, & melon with a spicy finish of star fruit and apple.  $15.00/bottle

2015 Marsanne:  This 2015 Marsanne was fermented and aged in stainless steel tanks, giving it wild elderflower aromas.  It has engaging flavors of Bartlett pear and honeydew melon with a lingering finish of crisp minerality.  This is the white wine that red wine drinkers will love!:  $15.00/bottle 

2016 Dry Traminette:  Traminette is a hybrid grape and a relative of the German grape Gewurztraminer.  This dry, fruity wine has wonderful aromas of honeysuckle, and flavors of apricot with a zippy lime finish.  Golden yellow color.  Great with turkey dinner or chicken curry.  $12.00/bottle

2016 Oaked Marsanne:  Aging in oak barrels lends aromas of toasty marshmallow & vanilla with a rich, creamy full body.  Butterscotch & caramel notes accentuate flavors of juicy pear, creme brulee, and Granny Smith apple with a soft, smooth finish.  $18.00/bottle

Sweet White Wine:

2016 Vignoles - 2.65% RS:  Tropical aromas of mango and papaya with flavors of sweet juicy pineapple will make you think of summer all year-long!  This wine pairs perfectly with Asian fare or grilled meats.  $12.00/bottle

2016 Sweet Traminette - 4.75% RS:  This sweet German-style wine with orange blossom aromas and flavors of juicy nectarine and honey.  Beautiful golden color and a robust finish.  Always a popular choice when friends get together!  $12.00/bottle

2016 Sweet Seyval Blanc - 8% RS:  Their sweetest wine.  Aromas of mandarin orange & apricot lead to luscious flavors of honey & juicy, ripe, apricot with a smooth, full finish.  Open a bottle on the patio it won't last long!  $12.00/bottle

Dry Red Wine:

2015 Pinot Noir:  A dark, Burgundy-style wine with aromas of subtle toasty oak, dark cherry flavors, and vanilla & cola on the finish. Rich garnet color.  $18.00/bottle

2016 Cabernet Franc:  Bright ruby color.  Graceful notes of violets on the nose with bright flavors of strawberry & sweet oak.  Medium bodied.  Soft tannins with a touch of cinnamon spice on the finish.  This wine pairs nicely with all kinds of beef.  $20.00/bottle

2016 Lemberger:  A medium-bodied wine with an intoxicating, spicy, aroma and flavors of red currant & plum.  Round, velvety and smooth on the finish, ready to drink now!  Pairs perfectly with pork tenderloin or lamb dishes.  $18.00/bottle

2015 Wolf's Prairie Red:  A dark red blend of hybrid grapes De Chaunac & Chelois with subtle smoky aromas, and full flavors of dark berry & plum with a bold finish.  $12.00/bottle

2015 Cabernet Sauvignon:  Powerful black fruit from the King of Grapes!  Floral aromas lead to expressive dark fruit flavors with a smooth, balanced finish.  This complex, full-bodied wine opens beautifully in the glass.  $20.00/bottle

Sweet Red Wine:

2016 Red Satin - 2.5% RS:  A soft, semi-sweet red blend.  Fruity/floral aromas and flavors of strawberry jam, vanilla, & cherry.  Accents of mild oak tannins and a smooth, soft finish.  $16.00/bottle

2016 Grandma's Red - 5% RS:  Made from the same full flavored, deep red grapes as Wolf's Prairie Red, but in a sweeter style.  A fruity bouquet complements flavors of mixed berry jam and a full, sweet finish.  Perfect for pizza, pasta and sangria!  $12.00/bottle

(Thanks to the Domaine Berrien Cellars website for wine descriptions and pricing).


If you are wondering where you can get their wine you can find it at select wine shops around your town in Michigan.  These wines will be more prevalent on the west side of the state, but if your shop doesn't carry your wine simply ask and they will be glad to order it for you.  If you want to order direct from the vineyard, then go to their website and send them an email with your selections.  What could be better than wine at your doorstep?


I can't wait to taste how delicious the bottles we bought are.  Let me know if you've tried a wine from Domaine Berrien Cellars and if you liked it.  I'll be back Friday with an awesome wine pick of the week.  Until then sit back with a nice glass and toast spring time!

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