Mark's Top Wine Pick of the Week March 30, 2018 - Easter Wine Selection

Welcome back and happy Good Friday!  You may be having a big family get together this weekend either for Easter or Passover, whichever occasion you observe there is probably food involved, and lots of it!  I want you to be a hero this weekend.  Coming in for the win with some amazing Michigan Wine for the festivities.  I've hand selected 4 different wines for you to choose from depending on your taste and what dishes you may be having for dinner.


Traditionally during Easter people have ham, sausage, lamb, beef or some type of seafood, along with a type of sweet bread, roll or cake.  Other side dishes consist of eggs, vegetables, cheeses and potato pancakes.  It is a time to give thanks and usher in spring time, with a springy meal.  With a spring meal calls for a spring wine.  Something light and crisp to complement all of the deliciousness of your brunch, lunch, linner or dinner, whatever you chose to call it.


My first wine pick for Easter is from Bower's Harbor Vineyards on the Mission Peninsula, aka the ring finger of Michigan.  Their "2017 Pinot Grigio"  will compliment any dish.  The aromas in this wine reveal citrus and tropical fruits with subtle white flower nuances.  A fresh and lively mouth feel gives way to a finish of grapefruit, pineapple and wet stone.  Ask your local wine shop if they have this "Pinot Grigio,"  It'll be a hit and will help to offset the sweetness from your Easter candy.

2017 Pinot Grigio

Our next wine will be a dry white as well, "Bianco" from the Howell's MainStreet Winery.  A "Bianco" is a dry Italian wine that is pairs very well with any Easter dish, especially seafood, lamb, most cheeses, salads and will also, help offset the sweet baked goods.  This "Bianco" really brings it together and your guests will love the refreshing flavors of this wine.  The only place to grab this wine is at the winery in downtown Howell.


Now I understand that some people don't like dry wine, so here is a semi-dry wine with "Spring" in the name.  "Spring Splendor" from Leelanau Cellars on the Leelanau Peninsula, aka the pinky finger of Michigan.  This wine will get your Easter festivities off and running the right way!  You may need more than one bottle of this delicious white.  Forget Easter candy, this is your treat instead!  "Spring Splendor" is a delightful semi-dry table wine is full of lush fruit flavors and is a perfect accompaniment to a meal, brunch or can simply be enjoyed on its own.  You should be able to find this wine in your local grocery store or wine shop.  If you can't get it there, then you can simply order this wine off of their website.

Our last Easter wine is a light, "new" red.  Light reds go very well with ham, sausage, seafood, cheeses and chocolate bunnies and Cadbury Cream Eggs.  "Nouveau" from St. Julian Winery in Paw Paw is the perfect red for your Easter meal.  This celebrated young wine boasts fresh cherry, cranberry and raspberry fruit flavors and soft tannins.  The palate is beautifully expressive and elegant with subtle spice under the smooth, pure fruit finish.  This red is young hence the name "Nouveau."  You can ask your local wine shop if they have this wine, if not, they can order it for you or you can order it off the winery's website.  Your guests will enjoy this easy drinking red.


There you have it!  My 4 wine picks for Easter.  If you want more recommendations check out my previous posts.  Also, leave a comment, I would love to see what wines you'll be having with family and friends on Easter.
Have a Hoppy Easter!

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