Michigan Wine Discovery Challenge

Happy Wednesday!


Another unconventional Wine Wednesday post and I pose a challenge to all y'all readers!


There are so many vineyards and wineries in Michigan, this means more variations of wine.  I want you to make an effort to visit more tasting rooms this spring.  Most vineyards and wineries start back up into normal operating hours starting April or May depending on the region.


Your wine taste may change the more times you taste.  A great thing about doing a wine tasting is that you can try all of the whites, reds, dry or sweet wines.  You are in charge of your own experience.  Try them all if you wish!


If you find yourself traveling around the state this spring and summer, be on the lookout for signs for wineries.  You'll be surprised at how many places you'll notice.  Would you like to see one of the wines you've tasted on "Mark's Top Wine Pick of the Week" post or the winery you visited on my "Wine Wednesday" post?  If so, please comment and I'll put it on my writing list.  I love to hear about other people's wine adventures.


As much as you love hearing about my wine adventures, I would love to hear what your experiences were like in your journeys.  My challenge for you is to visit more wineries, do more wine tastings and report your findings to me.  Then your name and story could be featured in my future posts.  Can't wait to hear from you all!


Are you up to the challenge?  Here we go!

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