Mark's Top Wine Pick of the Week March 16, 2018 - Mirage

White Pine

What's that you see?  A "Mirage" perhaps?  No, this "Mirage" is very real!  The 2016 Chambourcin Reserve Red Dessert wine from White Pine Winery bursts with sweet berry flavors.  It makes a hot day cooler and a cold day warmer.  It definitely warmed me up when I had it last night.  It is still pretty chilly, around 25 last night, brrrrrr.  At this time of year the temps are usually in the 50s.


This port style dessert wine is great on its own, with any dessert like cheesecake and chocolate, and blue cheese.  The smooth drinking of this wine is indicative of the Chambourcin grape.  This is the perfect dessert.  "Mirage" is a great option for your guests, they'll keep coming back for more.  However, with the higher alcohol content you need to be careful.


If you are wondering where you can get this wine?  You may have to ask your local wine shop to see if they could order it for you.  But I would go to the White Pine Winery's tasting room in St. Joseph instead.  It'll be a great place to sample some award-winning Michigan wine and enjoy the Lake Michigan Shoreline. Why don't you make a day of it there are many cool restaurants, shops, dunes, beaches and of course other wineries.  There will be more on those other wineries in the area in later posts.


I wrote an article on the other wines that White Pine Winery has in a previous post.  Just follow the link here.


Until Next week!  And as always keep sampling.

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