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Have you ever wondered what your wine was rated when picking it out?  Ever wanted to review the wine you were tasting?  Vivino makes this possible.  This wine review app is one of the best out there.  You simply take a picture of the bottle's label and boom!  It'll pull up a rating out of 5 stars with a description, pricing and other people's reviews.


You can think of it as the Instagram of wine.  You can connect with other wine enthusiasts, check out upcoming events and get alerts of similar wines that you enjoy tasting.  The app will also give you recommendations on similar wines that you may like.  This is a free app that you can download from the app stores on iPhone and Android.


Vivino has many Michigan wines in their database but there are still a lot that need to be uploaded to their system.  So if your bottle doesn't match a wine already rated, you can be the first to rate that wine.  It's a great feeling to rate a wine for the first time!  I've done that with many different wines, some from Michigan and some from other locations around the world.  All you have to do is enter the name on the bottle, grape type, year, winery or vineyard, price you paid for the bottle and your rating.  Don't worry if you aren't a wine expert, ratings can vary from person to person.  Some wine drinkers enjoy one wine more than another.


If you have a Vivino account please let me know, I would love to follow you on the app.  Check out the wine I've tried and reviewed, or just review your own tasting experience and share them with me.  I know you'll enjoy the app and I can't wait to hear what your experience is with this incredible app.


I am working on the next phase of my blog, what do you want to see more of?  What do you want to see less of?  How can I improve the user experience?  Please let me know in the comments section.


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