Mark's Top Wine Pick of the Week March 9, 2018 - Scandal

This week calls for a "Scandal," sometimes we need to shake it up a bit from the usual.  It's time to try "Scandal."  Yes, this delicious semi-sweet red from St. Julian Winery is super tasty, yet completely different from most semi-sweet reds.  The awesome news about this wine is that you can find it almost anywhere in Michigan.  Check out your local wine shop!  A really exciting wine that will not disappoint.


This wine is very good, especially with heavy, acidic dishes, pastas, cheese, desserts and perfect on its own.  Last night I had it with a goat cheese and mushroom ravioli, which paired extremely well with the wine.  I am all about experimenting with pairing wine with food, you'll read more about that in my future posts.


The great thing about "Scandal" and other wines from St. Julian Winery is that you can find it in almost any wine shop and grocery store in the state.  The winery is one of the first in the state and among one of the largest distributers.  For only $8.99 from Jonna's Market here in Howell, this wine is totally worth it.


This wine will leave you wanting more, especially with the bursting berry flavor of this amazing red.  Serve slightly chilled for the best tasting experience.  Sometimes we need a "Scandal" in our lives.


You can read my post about St. Julian Winery here.  Keep an eye out for more exciting posts.  Until next week!

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