Mark's Top Wine Pick of the Week Feb 23, 2018 - Summit Red Pinot Noir










As you can tell by now Pinot Noir is one of my favorite wines.  The "Summit Red" Pinot Noir is a well balanced delicious wine bursting with flavor.  More about that wine in a minute.  My love of Pinot Noir started when I was searching for a red wine that wasn't too heavy.  A wine packed with flavor but doesn't leave you feeling weighed down after.  You can drink an entire bottle and not feel terrible.  Plus, Michigan knows how to grow this delicate, weather-sensitive grapes.  Keep an eye out for 2016 and 2017 Michigan Pinot Noir.  These wines will be comparable to California, Oregon and Washington.  Now, let's check out the "Summit Red" Pinot Noir from Fenton Winery & Brewery.


"Summit Red" Pinot Noir is known for its fruit & berry notes, this medium-bodied red is rich & surprisingly smooth.  Pairs well with sweeter, lightly seasoned dishes and fantastic by itself.  Perfect with "The Stout" pizza at the winery.


Unfortunately, you can not find this in stores other than the winery's shop.  At the winery they offer flights of 4 for $7.  Very reasonable, a glass is about $5.  All of their wines are amazing.  If you are not a fan of wine you can try their craft beer, also amazing!


Let's learn alittle about the Fenton Winery & Brewery.  They have wine and beer, along with a huge seating area in the taproom, outdoor wine and beer garden, a store, brewhouse and a separate wedding venue on the property.  Located south of downtown Fenton at 1370 N. Long Lake Rd., Fenton, MI 48430 on a beautiful plot of land.  If anyone is looking for a gorgeous wedding venue this is your spot.  Their food is wonderful, you should try the "Cheesy Ale Soup," I've had many variations of this soup at places and this is one of my favorite.  Pizza, artisan grilled cheese sandwiches, appetizers and meet and cheese platers.


Be on the lookout Wednesday for the total review of the winery & brewery.  I look forward to serving you all with an amazing post.

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