Mark's Top Wine Pick of the Week Feb 16, 2018 - "Pyment" From Uncle John's Cider Mill

This week's wine pick is from a Cider Mill.  "Pyment" from Uncle John's Cider Mill in St. John's, about 15 miles north of Lansing off of US-127 on the East side of the highway.  We took a trip up there during harvest time in 2017 with a group of friends from my wife's work.  It was great to introduce them to a cider and wine tasting.  They discovered different types of wine and cider that they wouldn't have normally tried or knew even existed.  Let's check out the wine called "Pyment."


"Pyment" this wine is a semi-dry blend of Traminette grapes and local wildflower honey.  Fruity, fresh and slightly spicy.  Very similar in style to a Riesling or Gewurztraminer.  This is a delicious wine that is easy to drink by itself, with appetizers, salads, chicken, fish, and even chocolate desserts.  This wine will leave you wishing for spring time.


I don't have exact pricing but they are very reasonable.  The cider is very reasonable and tasty too!  They have apples, pies, syrup, jams, bread, jerky and doughnuts.  It is definitely worth taking a trip to the middle of the state for some amazing cider and wine.  The tasting room allows you to try wine, cider and spirits.  The cider will blow your mind.  Keep your eyes pealed for a review later this year.  Go check Uncle John's Cider Mill out and respond to the post  with your favorite part about the cider mill.


If you have an idea for my next winery or wine pick post please let me know.  We'll see you next week.

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