Happy Valentine's Day!!!! Wine Etiquette

"Michigan Wine Wants To Be Yours!"

Happy Valentine's Day!   Did you get flowers?  You got a box of chocolate? Yum!  How about a bottle of wine? Even better!  Will you go to dinner?  Or how about a heart-shaped pizza?  Those are so exciting!  When it comes down to it, the day is really about spending quality time with the one you love.


Whoa dude, this blog is supposed to be about wine, what's your point?  Today, I'll tell you all about wine etiquette to impress your special someone.  While on a cruise last year my wife and I learned from the head sommelier about proper wine etiquette.


Who has put wine in a solo cup, a regular kitchen glass or drank right out of the bottle?  "Raises Hand," Sometimes we have limited resources, it's ok, however when you are are trying to impress a date or at a fancy gathering a proper wine glass is your best bet.  Stemless or with a stem.  The rounded bottom helps bring out the full flavor of the wine.  to enhance the flavor of the wine swirl it in the glass, make sure it doesn't slosh over.


After the bouquet of the wine has been fully released it's time to take a sniff sip.  That's where you inhale while taking a tiny taste on your tongue to neutralize your palette.  This step is important so you can thoroughly enjoy every subsequent sip, gulp or glug.


Looks like you finished your glass.  Want any more?  Yes, of course!  It's common practice if you notice an empty glass to fill it.  There is no asking necessary at that point unless you've completely ran out.  If you run out head over to your favorite Michigan winery to buy a case or 2.  You can always hit up your local wine shop to indulge in a variety of domestic and international wine.


Don't want to go to the store?  Go to wine.com for a huge selection of wine from all over the world.  Sorry, I'm breaking my rule of Michigan wine all the time.  Sometimes there are particular varietals that they don't grow in Michigan.  I also break the rules sometimes and drink beer!  Either way I want to represent the wonderful state of Michigan, my home.


If you had a Michigan wine for Valentine's Day, what did you have and did you enjoy it?  I would love to hear what you were drinking.  Next year I'll have a list of Valentine's Day wine that people have enjoyed to help you make that selection process easier.


If you love wine and want to impress your lover pull out a bottle of Michigan wine and follow the tips explained in wine etiquette.  If you are unsure of the flavor of a wine, a romantic trip to a winery may be in your future.  Just search "Wineries near me" to discover Michigan's wine culture.


Until Friday peeps!  Stay thirsty and keep trying wine.  As always drink responsibly and share with those you love.


Much love to all of my loyal readers and followers.  May your glasses never run dry.

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