Mark's Top Wine Pick of the Week Feb 2, 2018 - Mackinac Island Winery Malbec The Exotic Red

Michigan is not known for having a Malbec, but at Mackinac Island Winery they have one.  "Malbec" is an Argentinian red wine with flair, a velvety smooth texture and characteristics of red berry and mocha richness.  Brought to few regions of the world because it is hard to grow.  If you like exotic flavors with a smooth finish this is your wine.


The "Malbec" from Mackinac Island Winery is a must for any barbecue or grilled food.  It'll make you come back for more.  As I write this post I am enjoying a glass of this seductively smooth wine.  I am pairing it with a Chicago style deep dish pizza from Pizza House in Ann Arbor.  Yum!


The winery at 312 S Huron Ave, Mackinaw City, MI 49701 is in what used to be an antique furniture store.  It has a pretty big selection of wine.  In addition to wine you can also taste Michigan beer at the winery.  On your next trip up it will definitely be worth the drop in.  Taste other Michigan wines at their location.  The only place I know of getting their wine is at the winery or on the island.


The "Malbec" runs at a higher price but it is definitely worth the money.  If you haven't tried a Malbec before you can usually grab another brand for around $12.  If you ever find yourself wanting something different the "Malbec" is your way to go.


Sorry, no website for this winery yet, but if you find you are craving pizza check out Pizza House, either Ann Arbor or East Lansing.  Stay tuned for my update next week.  Keep enjoying your wine and cheer every occasion!

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