Mark's Top Wine Pick of the Week Jan 26, 2018 - "Peach Wine" Modern Craft Winery - Sometimes I Like It Sweet!


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This week I wanted to showcase a sweeter wine that won't disappoint.  A great first date wine or just because.  I'll even share a Sparkling Peach Bellini Martini recipe using this wine.  Let's jump into it!


"Peach" from Modern Craft Winery is a delicious choice that even non-wine drinkers will enjoy.  If you want your significant other to start liking wine this is your go to.  "Peach" wine is made from semi-sweet chardonnay and fresh peaches.  This is perfect with cheese, fresh fruit, chicken dishes and any dessert.  The smooth flavor and texture makes it an easy drinking wine.  The cork is easy to remove and re-cork.  I save and reuse their corks due to their ease of use.  Because you don't have to remember your corkscrew it makes this wine the best for picnics or a day at the lake.  Just make sure the longer you wait to drink it the stronger it becomes.  This wine is meant to drink within 6 months of purchase.  At the price of $15.99 it is well worth the money.


When my wife and I first started dating we went to the Michigan Renaissance Festival we stumbled upon a grand wine tasting.  Knowing that I love wine Shannan suggested we sample some.  Come to find out that one of the wineries tasting was Modern Craft Winery who had the "Peach" wine and many other fantastic fruit wines.  Not being able to find the wine in stores we made sure to buy multiple bottles to last until the next year's Renaissance Festival.


On our way to the Upper Peninsula in 2017 we decided to stop at the West Branch tasting room at 224 Houghton Ave, West Branch, MI.  It was really cool to find a way to taste Modern Craft Winery wine other than at the Renaissance Festival.


In doing additional research I found out Modern Craft Winery has many different tasting rooms.  Their winery is located at 211 E. Huron Rd, Au Gres, MI.  If you want to take a trip up north to Au Gres, West Branch, Harrisville or Frankenmuth you can find their tasting rooms and maybe even find their wines in the grocery stores around and north of Bay City.  Anywhere else you may have to ask your local wine merchant to order it for you.  Get free shipping with code "FREESHIP" at their online store.


They offer other types of fruit wine, a Chai Tea Wine, Cucumber Melon Wine, Mandarin Orange Wine, White Lemon Wine, also more traditional reds and whites.  We tried all of their wine and you'll love them all.  Check it out and enjoy responsibly!


To end this post, I leave you with the "Sparkling Peach Bellini Martini."

1.  Peach Wine from Modern Craft Winery.
2. Your favorite dry bubbly or sparkling water (higher the bubble content the better).
3. Your favorite Vodka.
4. A Strawberry, Pineapple, Orange, Lemon or Lime for garnish.

1. Put ice in a shaker,
2. Pour 1 oz of Vodka into a shaker,
3. Pour 4 oz of Peach Wine,
4. Shake well,
5. Prepare a sparkling wine glass or a tall skinny glass,
6. Pour 2-3 oz of bubbly or sparkling water into the glass,
7. Strain Peach wine and vodka combination into the glass,
8. Garnish with your favorite fruit,
9. Enjoy the concoction!

*You can change quantities to fit your liking.

Please let me know if there is a better combination.  Stay posted and subscribe to know when my new articles go up.

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