Mark's Top Wine Pick of the Week Jan 19, 2018 - Winter White "The Wine In The Blue Bottle"

Winter White

"The Wine In The Blue Bottle" "Winter White" from Leelanau Cellars is a delicious semi-sweet white table wine.  You can enjoy this wine with appetizers, cheese, main course dishes like chicken and fish and desserts like chocolate and cheesecake.  An easy drinking pliesporter-like blend makes it enjoyable for both dry and sweet drinkers.  At an attractive price of $6.99 you'll be wanting to buy more!


In addition to "Winter White," they have decided to make spinoffs like "Winter White Peach Chill," "Winter White Cherry Chill," "Winter White Green Apple Chill" and "Winter White Berry Chill."  Each wine will not disappoint.  My wife and I love "Winter White" so much we had it as one of the wines at our wedding.


Great news about this wine and most of Leelanau Cellars wine is that you can find it in your local wine shop and for sure at Meijer.  However if you want to take a trip to the tip of the Leelanau Peninsula you can visit their Cellar at 7161 N West Bay Shore Dr, Northport, MI 49670.  It is right on Lake Michigan and they are the only Winery that is on the shore of Lake Michigan.  Enjoy a glass or a bottle on their patio and of course drink responsibly.


The beautiful iconic blue bottle has been an inspiration for artists to repurpose the bottle for making vases, candle holders, lamps and other masterpieces.


This delightful wine will make you feel chill, cool you down on hot summer days and warm you up on short cold winter days.  Let me know what you think when you try this wine.  It's a great crowd pleaser!

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