2 Sparkling Wines That Would Be Perfect For Easter

We are on the verge of planning our Easter festivities, with main dishes being pondered, trying to figure out who will bring what side dishes, and you can't forget about dessert. But, here is something that you may not have readily thought about, the wine; if it will pair well with your meal and if the people who you invite would enjoy it.

That's where these 2 Sparkling Wines will do the job.

  1. Sparkling de Chaunac Rosé from L. Mawby this sparkling wine is a perfect compliment to any dish you may serve; whether you are having a ham or turkey. Having a deeper pink, almost red colored rosé meaning that the red wine drinkers would love it, and the wine is light enough to please a white wine drinker's palate. With the de Chaunac grape it gives you that richness of flavor with the fizziness of your favorite sparkling wine. This wine is a Tribute to Boskydel Vineyards, the first vineyard in the Traverse City area. If you ask your local wine shop, they should be able to order this for you. It is early enough, I think you may be able to purchase the bottle from the L. Mawby website too.
  2. Sweet Nancie from St. Julian: This wine is a Sparkling Traminette that is sweet, bubbly and full of personality! You can have this with dessert or it can add flavor and excitement to your meal. Either way you decide to have this sparkling white wine, I hope you share it with others. In comparison to the first wine, this wine is also a tribute, but instead of being to a vineyard it is to a person, to Nancie Corum-Oxley Michigan's first professional female winemaker. You can ask your local wine shop to order you this bottle of wonderful sweet bubbles or you can probably order it off of St. Julian's website.

Either wine you select, you won't go wrong. However, if I was in charge, I would get both, because each has a unique story and they are bound to please everyone.

Now, when you finalize all of your Easter plans, don't forget the wine! You will be the savior of the day and everyone will thank you.

Also, if you need additional help selecting the right wine for you and your meal, leave a comment or send me an email! I would be glad to help you out!

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