Northbound White from Modern Craft Winery

Northbound White

What other wine makes you think of heading up north? "Northbound White" is a favorite around my house, especially after all of the cold. Snow is starting to disappear and give way to budding flowers and trees. The crispness of the air is broken by the warm rays of the sun. Birds chirp and squirrels banter. For impending travels to the northern regions of this glorious state commence.

I mean, it's still March, but we can dream! "Northbound White" is made by Modern Craft Wine, with crisp flavors of white grape varietals, it has a pinch of acidity that flows forth, but doesn't linger. You'll taste the nectar on your tongue, which will linger for your tastebud's pleasure.

You can find wine from Modern Craft all around the state, in stores, their 6 tasting rooms, and now, I believe you can have it shipped to multiple different states as well. I would double check their website and your state's shipping policy on wine. At $12.50 per bottle, this wine will please your pocketbook and anyone you decide to share it with.

I think the folks at Modern Craft Wine had a much better description than I, so here's what they had to say about this wonderful white.

"The anticipation of heading north to your happy place is thrilling.  Days of warm rays, dancing water, and glowing sunsets are just ahead. Modern Craft’s easy drinking white blend with a crisp finish is perfect for your adventure. The lake is calling.  Go northbound..."

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