Warmed Mulled Wine Recipes

This post is going to be alittle different from previous posts.  You read online about how amazing warmed mulled wine is and they may give you additional ingredients to put in to enhance the tasting experience but they don't tell you exactly how long to warm it up for.


There are two ways to heat your mulled wine, one is on the stove and the second is in a crockpot.  I'll give you details on what temperature levels and an approximate time range to see your best results.  *Be careful to not overheat/overcook the wine, it is alcohol after all, the potential to burn the alcohol off, kill the sensitive spices, ruin the flavor or even start a fire is heightened if you let this wine sit too long.


I'll first go into the recipe and ingredients necessary along with additional ingredients that will enhance your tasting experience.  You can have this wine just heated up by itself, but that's never fun.



Mulled Wine:  You can usually purchase wine with the mulling spices already in it.  Leelanau Cellars has "Witch's Brew," Modern Craft Winery has "Mulled Wine" and other Michigan wineries may have their autumnal/mulled wines.  For this occasion we are using "Witch's Brew."  You can get a regular 750ml bottle or the big 1.75L bottle.  It all depends on how much you want and how many people you have interested in your deliciously smelling and tasting concoction.


Apple Cider:  This time of year apple cider is readily available in the store and at every cider mill.  I suggest getting a jug from your local grocery store, if you want to splurge you can purchase one from a cider mill.  (This ingredient can be substituted or left out, it all depends on your taste).


Oranges:  Not native to Michigan, but a great addition to your mixture, and will bring a nice citrus taste to the table.


Cinnamon Sticks:  The real sticks, to garnish the cup and enhance the mulled concoction.



Either a Crockpot or Deep Sauce Pan.  Size is dependant upon how much you want to make.

Mugs with handles to hold the drink once it is sufficiently warmed.

A ladle to scoop out the concoction.



For this recipe we are using a 1.75L big bottle to make enough for 12 servings or for 12 people to have one mug full.  There may be more depending on how much you pour for your guests.

  1. Gather ingredients:
    - 1 1.75L bottle of "Witches Brew" or your favorite Mulled Wine.
    - 4 cups of Apple Cider (Optional)
    - 2 Oranges,
    - 12 Cinnamon Sticks, for each individual mug.
  2. Pour all of your wine into the crockpot or big sauce pan.
  3. Pour Apple Cider in and stir.
  4. Place pealed oranges into the mixture, if you want a more bitter flavor add the peals in as well.
  5. For the crockpot turn heat to low and let sit for about half an hour while occasionally stirring your concoction.  The slow warming of the crockpot will enhance all of the flavors and make it more bold.  If you see the mixture boiling or bubbling, turn the heat to warm.  Overcooking the mixture will cause the delicate spices to be damaged.
  6. Using a sauce pan, turn heat on to medium-low to replicate a lower cooking temperature for closer to 10 minutes while consistently stirring.  Again, if you see bubbling and/or boiling your heat is too high and you may have already done damage to the sensitive spices in the wine.  Be very careful.
  7. Now that your concoction is warm it is ready to serve!  Grab a mug and pour to your desired level!
  8. Grab a Cinnamon Stick for a garnish and an added flavor boost.  The Cinnamon will dissolve into the wine.
  9. Serve and enjoy responsibly with family and friends during the holiday season or any time!

This recipe is very tasty and I am looking forward to trying this for our family's Thanksgiving gathering.


If you try this recipe and love it please let me know!  If you hate it, tell me your recipe.  If you like experimenting then try different variations  and combinations, it is really hard to mess up this recipe but remember not to overcook or overheat.


Enjoy all of the festivities!

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